NFL News : A new look for the Cowboys this season?

A new look for the Cowboys this season?

Dallas' team equipment manager Mike McCord lets us know why you might be seeing less of the Cowboy's iconic white home jerseys this season.

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The Dallas Cowboys' base-white home jerseys are a bit unique in the NFL, iconic to some, but a little bland for others. 

The popularity of the team's navy-blue away colors, even when occasionally worn at home, among fans and players alike could see a little more color coming to Dallas.

Team equipment manager Mike McCord weighed in on the possible changes, confirming that the team was planning on rolling out some more color at home.

"We'll incorporate navy a little bit more," McCord said. "We've had some success wearing that uniform at home, so I think we'll see a little more of it."

But don't think the iconic white uniforms are being phased out. Far from it.

"I don't think we'll ever go to wearing the dark jersey at home completely, but I think we might add a game or two, possibly -- especially high-profile games or national TV games at home that might be the navy jersey or another new jersey down the road if something's approved by the NFL to do that," McCord explained.

He went on to describe the history that led to teams iconic uniforms, and the influence other teams and other sports have had.

"[Cowboys Owner] Mr. Jones has always thought of our home uniform as the Yankee pinstripes of baseball," McCord said. "You just don't want to change a whole lot of what that home uniform is, so it's stayed pretty generic and vanilla with just the white jerseys: One color royal number, simple sleeve stripe, and everything else has stayed pretty basic.

"Originally, the white at home started with the heat, especially at Texas Stadium. As hot as it could be for our late-August, early-September games, I think the heat was a big factor, and one of those things was making the other teams wear darker jerseys on the road, as well as standing in the sun on the sidelines in the old stadium was a huge factor in that. So any time you're wearing darker colors, it tends to retain the heat. So that was a big part of why the Cowboys wore white jerseys at home."

The modern AT&T Stadium, AKA the Jerry Dome, has a roof that can be closed in under twenty minutes and all the modern technology to keep the oppressive Texas heat at bay. So with tradition being the most important factor surrounding the the Cowboy's home whites, there's some room for a bit of navy-blue fan service now and again.

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Source: Ryan Wilson - CBS Sports · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS