NFL News : A shocking revelation is made about Aaron Rodgers and his family.

A shocking revelation is made about Aaron Rodgers and his family.


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Aaron Rodgers is under fire for his team's underwhelming performance this season. The Green Bay Packers' veteran quarterback has led his team to a 4-5 record, and the entire team has come under criticism. 

The public scrutiny hit an all-time high in a recently published article from Bleacher Report's Tyler Dunne. The long feature about Rodgers on Friday that paints him as a man who has chosen let very few people into his personal affairs. 

According to Dunne, Rodgers hasn't spoken to his immediate family in two years. Rodgers' brother Jordan first made reference to the event, while competing on popular television show "The Bachelorette".

One source, who was close to Rodgers for years but is among the many who have since been cut off by Rodgers entirely, said the quarterback has not spoken to his family since December 2014. Don't feel too bad, J-Mike. Immediate family members don't even have his cellphone number. When Mom and Dad sent Christmas presents to the quarterback and his girlfriend that year, the source said, those gifts were mailed back in February. He was set to be the groomsman in the wedding of one of his closest friends, the source said, and texted the day before he couldn't attend.

He didn't attend his grandfather's funeral - the same grandfather he once called before every game.

He fired a business manager he's known since high school.

The family was told they were no longer welcome in Green Bay. If Dad wants to attend a game now, he buys tickets on StubHub or goes through another player's family.

Nowhere in Dunne's article does it explain why Rodgers has chosen to cut ties with these people. Rodgers clearly wants no one outside himself and perhaps his family to be aware of this information. 

However, one of Dunne's sources said Rodgers is having trouble on the field in part because of the situation with his family.

"There's no [other] explanation for him playing any worse," the source said. "People are trying to figure it out. He's a fucking head case. He knows he's doing the wrong thing, and he's so arrogant and prideful that he thinks he can separate his personal life from his professional life, even though all of us know that's impossible. You can't do that. You can do that in little spurts, like when Brett Favre went out and played amazingly when he loses his Dad. But when you're talking about real situations that aren't all of a sudden circumstantial and you fuck over good people, people you're supposed to love, it's a shitty thing to do and you're going to get humbled."

One of Aaron Rodgers' former teammates believes that Rodgers is the type to hold a grudge. Former Packers' tight end Jermichael Finley criticized Rodgers' method as a locker room leader.

"In my opinion, he's a different guy," Finley said. "I didn't really know how he showed his leadership. He wasn't a vocal guy. He really wasn't a hands-on guy. To tell you the truth, it was all about his game and his stats in my opinion. … He was a guy that kept it all in. He kept grudges close to his chest. If you did something, he never really let it go. He always kept it close to his heart.

"I just don't think he was a natural-born leader. He wasn't put on Earth to lead."

Rodgers declined to talk to Bleacher Report about the story, and digging this deep might be considered in bad taste. Rodgers is of course entitled to his privacy in his personal life. However it does give insight into how Rodgers may be approaching relationships.

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Source: Bleacher Report · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press