NFL News : Aaron Rodgers disappointed at one of the Packers' questionable decisions.

Aaron Rodgers disappointed at one of the Packers' questionable decisions.


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John Kuhn s not necessarily done with the Green Bay Packers.

According to Stu Courtney of, the Packers' fullback's status with the team remains a mystery. However, head coach Mike McCarthy has not ruled out a return for the veteran.

“Player acquisition is year round so I would never say doors are closed, especially on any of our former players, especially John Kuhn", McCarthy said. “As far as his situation, we’re still focused on the players we have right now. So as far as John and his future, those are probably questions for other people. But I don’t think you ever close the door. But guys filled out our roster and right now we’re working and focusing on these young players.”

Kuhn has spent the last nine seasons on the Packers' roster, and only quarterback Aaron Rodgers has spent more time with the team than him. When asked about Kuhn's likely departure from the team, Rodgers sounded resigned to the fact that the team has likely moved on from Kuhn.

“Disappointed for sure,” Rodgers said. “John is a dear friend. It’s tough when you lose guys like that or you show back up in the locker room and they’re not there.”

“It’s part of getting older in the league,” Rodgers said. “You look at the last three or four years … (former Packers linebacker) A.J. Hawk, I sat next to him for nine years in the meeting room … James Jones, who came back to us last year and was our leading receiver, obviously he’s not here after a year in hiatus before then. And John, those are three of my closest friends as teammates over the years. You’d love to see guys like that be around because they can help us win.”

Packer' fans will certainly be sad to see Kuhn go if both sides can't reach an agreement before the start of the 2016 NFL season.

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