NFL News : Alejandro Villanueva on USAA commercial: 'It was weird'

Alejandro Villanueva on USAA commercial: 'It was weird'

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Remember the Alejandro Villanueva commercial for USAA that aired about 100 trillion times during the 2016 NFL season? Of course you do. We all saw it, way too many times.

It turns out that Villanueva had no idea his family's faces would be plastered all over television sets at the incredible regularity it ended up airing. It seems that he wasn't the biggest fan of it. 

Talking with Adam Schefter on the Know Them from Adam Podcast, Villanueva had some interesting comments. First Schefter joked that since we had seen it "over and over and over again," that Villanueva might be more popular than Peyton Manning.

"It was crazy," said Villanueva. "I had no idea that the commercial was going to be aired that much. I didn't even know what the National...I didn't think USAA was like a Bank of America or one of these big banks, but then I put together than it was one of the sponsors of the NFL and... Yeah... I mean, USAA is obviously a great bank and it's not like I'm advertising something that I wasn't proud of..."
"Bottom line is, the commercial was definitely a weird experience. It's out of the way now."

On the bright side, joked Villanueva, the commercial may have inspired him to play harder. After all, who wants to see an under performing player's face 25 times every game in the commercials?

"Maybe at the same time it exposes you a little bit and then you have to back up the fact that you're doing a commercial. You can't be a really horrible player while your commercial is airing all the time, and people will say, 'Oh yeah, that's the left tackle that's terrible on the field and now he has a commercial.'"

"I was like, you know, if I give up a sack, three seconds later I know for a fact that my commercial's gonna air during that break."


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Source: Adam Schefter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency