NFL News : An Eagle just threw the NFLPA under the bus over suspension.

An Eagle just threw the NFLPA under the bus over suspension.


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The one thing you shouldn't do as a football player, is call out the very people who protect you.

Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson said something to reporters after practice Saturday, and still believes he will be suspended by the NFL. Johnson is facing a 10-game suspension for a second violation of the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

However, the third-year pro vehemently denies he knowingly took a substance on the NFL's banned list. In fact, he said he knows the positive drug test is the result of taking a supplement on the NFLPA's approved list.

The 26-year old does admit to purchasing an amino acid online, and it was that amino acid that tested positive for peptide, a banned substance. He said he feels let down by the NFLPA and that he's had every supplement cross-checked through the players' union.

"It's been a nightmare," he said.

"I had nothing to hide. I told the Eagles, 'Take everything I have that I've been taking, go test it.'"

"But they do not test the products, so if you do test positive, it's at your own fault," Johnson said.

The NFLPA quickly responded to Johnson's remarks by issuing a public response to clarify things for him.

1. NFLPA does not approve supplements.

2. While the [Aegis] App may have listed it with a green check, players are reminded within the app, at team meetings and as part of the policy that a) supplements may contain stuff not on the label and b) still strict liability for putting it in your body if it contains something not on the label.

It appears that this Eagle has nobody to blame but himself and it was probably not the best idea go after the NFLPA in this case. Especially when you're about to be suspended for a second time.

Cry Eagles Cry!

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