NFL News : An NFL player will die on the field

An NFL player will die on the field

The violence in this sport is not a joke

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All-Pro linebacker Thomas Davis was asked to speak about the new findings of a study that said that over 90% of NFL players' brains were found to have CTE after their death.

Davis' words were very interesting:

When your future is flashed in front of your eyes, it makes you take a step back and reconsider your choices. Davis is a hell of a linebacker and a perennial all-pro who's dedicated his life to getting his brain shook every snap. He still loves the game, but understands that when his playing days are over, he might encounter some serious issues pertaining to all the brain trauma he's incurred. It's scary stuff. 

These NFL'ers only know football, it's what they identify as, so taking that away from them even because of how violent the sport is, is not easy. This concussion stuff continues to be an issue and we will update this story as new information comes along.

Source: Joseph Person Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency