NFL News : Another ex-Cowboy receiver totally blasts Brice Butler

Another ex-Cowboy receiver totally blasts Brice Butler

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Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Brice Butler's recent controversial comments didn't go well with at least one Cowboys legend in Michael Irvin. Now former reality TV show-winner and Cowboys wide receiver Jesse Holley is piping up. 

Holley joined The Fan’s Shan & RJ show (105.3 FM - KRLD) to talk about Butler's comments. Here are some highlights:

What did you think of what Brice Butler had to say?

Jesse Holley"Let's start with the things I do agree with. Let's start with that. Do I agree that the Cowboys offense is not creative? Duh. I've been saying it since I stopped playing. We've been saying it every year. That's not new information. What Brice told us (Thursday) about the Cowboys offense not being creative, he didn't re-invent the wheel... We all know that, we've been saying that and screaming it from the top of our lungs for God knows how long. When people hear that, I'm not surprised. We've been screaming that forever under Jason Garrett's offense. This Cowboys offense lacks creativity, it lacks ingenuity, it lacks the ability to put its players in creative positions. We all agree on that.

"Another thing I do agree upon with Brice Butler is that, yes, front office people - and this is not just the Cowboys - this is every organization in the National Football League... The guy they pay the most money to, the owners want them to play. That's like saying you're going to invest a bunch of money into a house or a car, but you're never going to live in it or you're never going to drive in it. No, I want to see the money I put into something. I want to see it on the field, so that's not a surprise or some revelation about that.

"Brice is out of his damn mind if he thinks for one god-awful second that anywhere on God's green earth that one, you belong in the same conversation as Dez Bryant. I don't care what Dez has done this year, I don't care. You don't belong in that conversation. And I get it. I am all for talk that talk and put your name on it. I am all for players to have confidence in yourself, but have confidence in yourself in the lane that you're supposed to be in. Brice, you're not in number one receiver lane. You've never been in number one receiver lane; not in high school, not in college, not in the National Football League. There's nothing on your resume, nothing on your resume that screams number one conversation, number one opportunities, number one looks, number one anything.

"In 2014, you were with the Oakland Raiders. Here's your wide receiver role: Vincent Brown, Brice Butler, Andre Holmes, James Jones, Denarius Moore, and Kenbrell Tompkins. You had zero starts, 35 targets, for 21 receptions, and 280 yards and two touchdowns. Now nobody on that roster will we take right now over anybody that we have on the Cowboys roster, and you couldn't break the starting lineup in that roster.

"Now let's not forget also when Dez Bryant missed nine games, I believe it was 2015, right? In 2015, and they were begging you, not to be the starter, you were never going to be the starter, but at least they were begging you to take the number two position. That's why they brought you back another year because they were saying maybe... we can give him the number two spot. But in that year, you had two starts, you had 26 targets, 12 receptions, 258 yards. You had zero touchdowns, and Dez missed seven games in that season.And last year, you had three starts with 32 targets, 16 receptions for 219 yards, and three touchdowns.

"Never in your life have you had more than 400 yards receiving, and now you have the conversation saying that if you were given the opportunity, you could be more productive than Dez Bryant? Even in his worst year when he's had the dropsies, when he was confused, and he was almost on the way out, you still did not produce the numbers."

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency