NFL News : Another NFL team has filed for relocation.

Another NFL team has filed for relocation.


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For the second time since the end of the regular season an NFL franchise will be moving on to greener pastures.

The Raiders officially submitted the paperwork to relocate the franchise from Oakland to Las Vegas, Clark County Commission chair Steve Sisolak announcedThursday, which the NFL later confirmed in a statement.

Moving the team would still require approval from at least 24 of the league's owners, but sources told NFL Network's Ian Rapoport that support from owners is "gathering momentum".

The Raiders have been negotiating with the city of Oakland for funding of a new stadium, but have been unable to come to an agreement. 

Las Vegas approved $750 million in taxpayer money for a stadium in October, prompting Raiders' owner Mark Davis to make the move. Davis has also pledged $500 million toward the new $1.9-billion stadium project.

The Raiders will remain in Oakland for the next two years, as the stadium project will only be completed in 2020.

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Source: NFL Network · Photo Credit: The Football Feed