NFL News : Another player retires over injury concerns

Another player retires over injury concerns

Another one bites the dust

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Aaron Williams was a 2nd round pick for the Bills in 2011 and has already called it a career after sustaining multiple neck injuries and concussions in the span of a couple years. 

Here's what the safety had to say via the Players Tribune,

“So when I woke up on January 1, 2018, and I hadn’t signed with a team, and I knew it was over, I just started to kind of wonder: What else could I love like that?” Williams wrote. “What else in this world is gonna give me that fix — that adrenaline, that anger, that feeling of dominating somebody to the point where they don’t want any piece of you. What else is there? Honestly, I haven’t found the answer yet. It’s all just still so new. All I know is, I’m never going to play another down in the NFL. And that hurts, for a lot of reasons. But when I think about those first two years in Buffalo — those wasted years when I was just a young punk who didn’t get it — man … it hurts a lot more.”

Very sad indeed

Source: Pro Football Talk · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency