NFL News : Antonio Brown's 'antics' are 'wearing thin' with teammates, coaches.

Antonio Brown's 'antics' are 'wearing thin' with teammates, coaches.


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Antonio Brown is one heck of an entertaining football player, but his brand of entertainment isn't appealing to everyone.

According to a recent report, the Pittsburgh Steelers' wide receiver has drawn some criticism for a few instances of selfish behaviour this season. Whether it's his penalized celebrations, constant warnings about illegal shoes, walking back to the huddle in Miami, or a mistimed Facebook video, Brown has had his fair share of controversy. 

Apparently the Steelers are beginning to get fed up.

Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Brown's antics are wearing thin on some of his teammates and certainly his coaches. He has one year left on his contract and they promised him this would be the year they negotiate an extension for him. What will he want and what will they be willing to pay? Brown has them over one large barrel.

While Brown may ruffle some feelings, he never let it affect his play and he remains one of the hardest workers on the team -- and has not missed a game to injury the past four seasons, except for the concussion sustained in the 2015 postseason.

Without Brown, the Steelers really have no receivers they can count on. And drafting even a good one guarantees nothing.

Nope, it would appear they have to swallow hard, sign him and hope he continues to perform as one of the NFL's best receivers as he turns 29, and that his antics are limited to those they can live with.

While Brown does come with certain odd tendencies, he is the best receiver in football and hasn't let any of this controversy affect his play on the field. The Steelers just need to learn to live with it, or lose a tremendous talent.

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Source: The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press