NFL News : Are football players dying?

Are football players dying?

A new study sheds some light

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A new study says maybe not.

In a study from JAMA Neurology, "this cohort study using data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study among men graduating high school in Wisconsin in 1957, there was no statistically or clinically significant harmful association between playing football in high school and increased cognitive impairment or depression later in life, on average."

"So for those who attended high school 60 years ago, playing football didn’t expose itself as a major risk factor for later-life cognitive impairment or depression that comes with CTE. Despite the game being quite different today with bigger, faster, and stronger athletes, it still found that the risk today is similar as it was then."

"The study also stated that, “cognitive and depression outcomes later in life were found to be similar for high school football players and their nonplaying counterparts.”"

The debate won't end anytime soon but at least we will continue to gain new insights into the potentially devastating impacts of taking continual hits to the head

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Source: SB Nation · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency