NFL News : Around the NFL | Hall of Fame quarterback passes away suddenly

Around the NFL | Hall of Fame quarterback passes away suddenly

One of the greatest of all time

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Sad news this afternoon as we have learned that former NFL quarterback Y.A Tittle has passed. Tittle played for numerous teams in the NFL including stints with the New York Giants, Baltimore Colts and San Francisco 49ers. In total he played for 17 seasons after coming out of LSU.

"Known as “The Bald Eagle’’ for his lack of hair — which he began losing in college"

Not long after he reported to LSU, Tittle noticed his hairline was retreating. Trainer Herman Lang explained years later that, in college, Tittle felt his helmet had something to do with his receding hairline.

“Y.A always wanted to put something in his helmet,” Lang said. “He was sure that was the reason he was losing his hair.”

Later, Tittle said he thought an LSU tradition of freshmen shaving their heads may have played a part.

He threw for seven touchdowns in a game against the Washington Redskins in 1962, tying the NFL record. In that same game, he completed 27 of 39 passes for 505 yards, tying another record. In 1963, he passed for what was then the NFL record of 36 touchdowns."

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Source: The Advocate · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency