NFL News : Ben Roethlisberger speaks out on the rival Patriots.

Ben Roethlisberger speaks out on the rival Patriots.


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Ben Roethlisberger isn't happy about watching the Super Bowl on his couch.

In an interview on Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari's podcast, the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback spoke about the New England Patriots and his view on the franchise.

"I'd say there's more respect than a hatred," Roethlisberger said. "There's divisional hatred, Baltimore and us, Cincinnati and us, but I don't think there's a hatred there. We've played them now twice in my 13 years in the championship game, my rookie year and this year.

"Obviously, they've gotten the better of us twice in the championship game and kind of had our number, so we're like the little brother trying to keep up with the big brother in a sense."

There is no doubt that many opposing fans despise the Patriots due to their prolonged success. However that clearly isn't the case with Big Ben, who has bigger fish to fry in his own division.

The Patriots have had the Steelers' number since Roethlisberger entered the NFL, winning 7-of-10 contests including two AFC title games. With Tom Brady now 39 years old and Roethlisberger, 34, hinting at retirement earlier this offseason, the "little brother" might be running out of time to get one up on his older sibling.

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