NFL News : Bill Belichick knows something we don't

Bill Belichick knows something we don't

How else would you justify this decision?

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Bill Belichick must know something we don't.

How else can you explain the Hall of Fame bound coach's decision to give his team some time off despite two underwhelming preseason performances?

First, the Pats fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars on August 10 by a score of 31-24, followed up by a then a 27-23 loss to the Texans on Saturday, August 19th.

They didn't exactly look brilliant as a team, despite some good individual performances.

And there are certainly reasons to be excited, even with the Patriots' 0-2 preseason record. 

For example, Gronk:

It's the preseason, so we don't need to worry too much about the Patriots performance as of late, but these are the Patriots and Patriots fans. It's a tragedy whenever they don't take the win, even in the preseason.

But hey, if Belichick isn't worried, there's no reason for anyone else to be.

New England will be back in action against the Detroit Lions on Friday, August 25th.

Source: Twitter - Ben Volin · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS