NFL News : Breaking: 1st round pick arrested in Alabama for robbery

Breaking: 1st round pick arrested in Alabama for robbery

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Baltimore Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey was arrested on a third-degree robbery charge Thursday morning, according to the Tuscaloosa County Jail database.

Humphrey, who was Baltimore's first-round pick in 2017 out of Alabama, was booked in Tuscaloosa County Jail on $2,500 bond, reports ESPN

He allegedly stole a charger valued at $15, according to the police report. The incident occurred Jan. 13 at the Hotel Capstone on Alabama's campus. Humphrey was suspected of using alcohol, according to the report.

"Marlon told us that it was a misunderstanding regarding a $15 telephone charger, which he thought was his. Our understanding is that he has been interviewed by University of Alabama Police and is cooperating. We are monitoring the situation," the Ravens said in a statement.

Humphrey, who was riding an Uber with three women -- one he knew, and two he didn't -- borrowed a phone charger from the driver but refused to give it back when arriving at the hotel, according to the police report.

He then took other cables from the vehicle upon exiting and elbowed the driver in the side after the driver attempted to recover the charger, police said. Humphrey damaged other property when leaving the vehicle and balled up his fist and "acted like he wanted to fight," according to police.

Police found Humphrey inside the hotel and said Humphrey indicated the charger belonged to him. But police noticed the charger didn't fit Humphrey's phone and returned it to the Uber driver, according to the report.

Humphrey posted a tweet at 7:42 a.m. Thursday that read: "Life is good."

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick, who also played at Alabama, called on NFL players to "grow up" when they return to Tuscaloosa in the offseason.

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Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency