NFL News : Breaking: Looks like this Cowboys will have his case entirely thrown out

Breaking: Looks like this Cowboys will have his case entirely thrown out

Cowboys player could be off the hook very soon

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Dallas Cowboys defensive back Nolan Carroll has been in hot water for a while now as a looming DUI has been hanging over his head for over a year. In fact, this arrest happened only recently after he signed a lucrative deal with the Cowboys.

"Carroll attended a second pre-trial hearing on Aug. 22, and a third has been scheduled for Oct. 22. According to Clarence Hill, Jr. of Fort Worth Star-Telegram", the delay in the case is for what could be a very positive reason.

The prosecuting attorney within the Dallas district attorney's office has already offered to reduce the charges to a lesser traffic violation which includes community service, but Carroll is aiming for full exoneration -- something he has a real chance of achieving."

"His blood alcohol level was .08, the minimum for arrest, but his attorney is raising questions concerning police conduct with the stop and the field sobriety test.

The initial report indicated Carroll was driving on the wrong side of the road, prompting the officer to pull him over. But a dash cam video shows that Carroll was on the correct side of the road.

Carroll’s legal team also believes mistakes were made in administering the field sobriety test, which they claim he passed, and that he was arrested once he indicated he was a member of the Cowboys, per a source."

Source: 247 Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency