NFL News : Breaking: Player statement released after Memorial Day DWI arrest

Breaking: Player statement released after Memorial Day DWI arrest

Getting behind the wheel may end up costing this NFL veteran his new $10-million contract.

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The Memorial weekend celebrations apparently got a little out of hand for Nolan Carroll, who released a statement today after being charged for driving while intoxicated Monday morning.

The 30-year-old defensive back had just signed a new deal with the Dallas Cowboys for three years and $10-million dollars.

Now he’s looking at a two-game suspension by the NFL, and the possibility of demotion and release by the Cowboys.

Carroll’s statement is as follows:

"Everybody gets knocked down in life. Everybody bobs when they should've weaved. No exceptions. But remember that YOU are responsible for how you respond to adversity. You can lay flat or you can choose to bounce back."

Carroll is already taking heat for this irresponsible “bob”, especially considering that the NFL has a free car service developed to keep players from getting into this kind of situation. Not to mention he has the cash to pay for a taxi, Uber, etc. 

Fortunately for everyone, nobody was hurt in the incident.

The 7-year NFL veteran posted bail and was released from custody Monday afternoon.

Now it’s a waiting game as the courts and NFL investigate the situation before rendering a verdict.

It would be shame if the 6’1, 205 lbs DB’s career as a Cowboy came to a close even before it really started, but Carroll only has himself to blame if it comes down to that. This is the first time the former Eagle has been in trouble with the law, so the Cowboys might opt to keep him around despite the suspension.

Only time will tell, but right Carroll may have bobbed his way out of a $10-million contract.

Source: Patrik Walker - 247 Sports · Photo Credit: Keystone Press