NFL News : Breaking: Steelers trade one of their top receivers in controversial deal.

Breaking: Steelers trade one of their top receivers in controversial deal.

Steelers make a questionable trade.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have just announced a shocking trade.

 Earlier today rumors began to surface suggesting that the Pittsburgh Steelers had begun to seriously listen to offers regarding a potential trade involving talented wide receiver Martavis Bryant. The news was somewhat expected given the fact that rumors have long suggesting that Bryant has been unhappy with being the number three option behind Steelers stars Atonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell, in fact there was even talk that the young receiver had demanded a trade as far back as October of 2017.

That being said though there has never been any denying the fact that Bryant is an incredibly talented receiver and there were many fans who were hoping that the Steelers and Bryant would find a way to work out their differences and resolve matters internally, keeping Bryant on the roster in the process. Unfortunately for those of you holding out hope on Thursday night the Steelers crushed any hopes that a resolution could be found between themselves and Bryant. 

According to an official report from the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, the team has in fact traded Martavis Bryant and they have traded him to Oakland Raiders. Unfortunately the Steelers were not able to get much in return for Bryant, only the Raiders third round draft pick. The Steelers initially reported that the pick would be the 75th overall pick in the draft but that information is incorrect, the pick is the 79th overall pick in the 2018 National Football League Entry draft.

The news has not been received well among Steelers fans who feel that Bryant was worth more than just a third, and I would be inclined to agree. It has to be said though that Bryant's attitude as well as his rumored trade demand has likely resulted in his value dropping considerably in the eyes of rival NFL teams. Add to that the fact that rival general managers are aware of the fact that the Steelers are dealing from a position of weakness on Bryant, and I can understand why the Steelers struggled to get more out of this deal.

Despite his problems on and off the field, as well as the massive one-year suspension that he had to deal with early on in his NFL career, it genuinely seemed like the Steelers wanted to keep him in the line up. Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert stated flatly earlier this year that he was not available for trades.

“It’s very simple. We have never made a call offering Martavis Bryant for trade," said Colbert as per 247 Sports. "We have gotten calls from other teams because maybe they read media reports when he was available, and we’ve quickly dismissed those. Martavis is not available for trades. If someone calls, that will be quickly dismissed.

"We want Martavis Bryant to continue to build on what he did last year. Not many players coming off a one year suspension ever make it back to the game. To come back and play well for us, we hope that he can do that again this year and build on it and let the future see where it goes from here. He will be with the Steelers."

It seems like Bryant may have forced their hand here.

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