NFL News : Breaking: Update regarding Ezekiel Elliott investigation!

Breaking: Update regarding Ezekiel Elliott investigation!

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has announced that a panel of independent advisers will be reviewing the Ezekiel Elliott case.

According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, "the advisers, which Goodell is allowed to consult under the terms of the NFL's personal conduct policy, were present when Elliott met with league officials in New York earlier this month."

Pelissero also noted that a potential disciplinary decision would not come before Goodell had heard from the experts:

"So where we stand is Commissioner Goodell is waiting for the opinions of those expert advisers to be done, for them to complete their work, let the NFL know what they think. Until that work is done, until they make it known to the NFL what they believe should be done in this case, there will be no decision. Nothing is anticipated in terms of a decision on Zeke Elliott this week, still anticipated, Andrew, before the season, which of course is something the Dallas Cowboys are hoping will happen."

Ezekiel Elliott has been the subject of a year-long investigation by the NFL regarding various incidents, including domestic violence accusations. The 22 year-old has always denied the accusations, and has been looking forward to competing in his second NFL season.

For those interested, the NFL's personal conduct policy states that:

 "to assist in evaluating a potential violation, expert and independent advisors may be consulted by the disciplinary officer, the Commissioner, and others as needed. Such advisors may include former players and others with appropriate backgrounds and experience in law enforcement, academia, judicial and public service, mental health, and persons with other specialized subject matter expertise. Any experts or advisors consulted in this respect may provide advice and counsel or testimony as appropriate, but will not make any disciplinary determinations."

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