NFL News : Breaking: We know how Brady was injured today

Breaking: We know how Brady was injured today

Hoyer in?

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Bad news for the Patriots as we reported earlier in the day that Brady was seeking medical attention after practice today. We know why now.

"Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was limited in practice today with a hand injury, which he apparently suffered on the practice field. Brady jammed his throwing hand at practice after a teammate accidentally ran into him. The good news is that X-rays showed no structural damage. It doesn’t appear that there’s any cause for Patriots fans to panic. The only other quarterback on the Patriots’ roster is backup Brian Hoyer, and the Patriots don’t have any quarterbacks on their practice squad. So any work Brady can’t do will be done by Hoyer."

Certainly not a serious injury but these things can linger. 

Source: Pro Football Talk · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency