NFL News : Broncos confident players will be responsible leading up to Super Bowl.

Broncos confident players will be responsible leading up to Super Bowl.


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The Denver Broncos organization has confidence in their players. So much so that they are allowing them to police themselves.

Broncos' offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak preferred not to micromanage his players when it comes to their curfew leading up to their matchup with the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. He left Broncos' team captains Peyton Manning and Demarcus Ware in charge of the team's curfew leading up to the big game.

"I threw out 9 (p.m.), I didn’t get a lot of positive reviews," Manning joked. "So DeMarcus said he was gonna have to take some time to think about that, weigh in and maybe there’s a panel to go on."

All joking aside, Manning takes this responsibility seriously, but expressed confidence in the group he is set to manage.

"I think we have the right kind of guys that understand what we have to do in terms of taking care of business and getting prepared, especially this week," he said.

The team is set to fly out to San Francisco this Sunday, and the team will be sure to avoid any stories of players partying hard in the days leading up to the biggest game of the NFL season.

For his part, Kubiak believes in his core leaders and knows that his team will make smart choices.

"I’ll pretty much put that in the captains hands, to be honest with you," he said. "We’re gonna have our preparation. They’ve done a good job with this football team, our accountability’s been very good. Obviously that’s a tough environment, but I’ve trusted them all year and I’ll trust them again this week."

Having respected players in the locker room instills confidence among coaches, and there is no reason to think the Broncos' players would jeopardize their chances to write their names in the annals of NFL history.

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