NFL News : Broncos LB never forgets Tom Brady disrespecting him

Broncos LB never forgets Tom Brady disrespecting him

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Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall remembers Jan. 24, 2016 so clearly. That's the day he says Tom Brady totally disrespected him. 

The Broncos were playing New England with a trip to Super Bowl 50 on the line. It was second down. The Patriots broke the huddle.

“Tom Brady …” Marshall recalled. “He looked at (running back) James White and said: ‘You’ve got 54. Get open.’”

Brady didn't consider him good enough to defend the pass. The Patriots were coming after him.

“Before the play,” Marshall told the Denver Post, still mystified how Brady could have such open contempt of his pass-coverage skills. “He didn’t read the defense. He just said: ‘You’ve got 54. Get open.’”

The pass fell incomplete. 

Per the Denver Post, before leaving the field, however, Marshall recalled, “I looked at Brady and I looked at James White, like ‘All right. That’s how you feel about me?’”

There was no harm to the Broncos on the play. But it left a permanent scar on Marshall’s pride.

“I’ll never forget that,” Marshall said. “I’m going to say something to Brady at some point.”

Does Brady care? Probably not. 

Will Marshall use it as motivation in 2017? Definitely.

“We’re going to handle what we’ve got to handle. We can’t wait to get them in our house,” Marshall told the Denver Post Wednesday. “It’s a rivalry. It’s something you circle on the schedule.”

And what about the experts, who say New England are the odds-on favorite to win another Super Bowl?

“We know what they say. There’s a 51 percent chance they’ll win the Super Bowl,” Marshall said. “That’s ridiculous.”

Marshall was already anticipating a game against the Patriots in November, when Brady next visits Denver.

“He don’t do so well over here,” said Marshall. He knows Brady’s career record against the Broncos in Colorado is a weak 3-7, including four losses during New England’s last five visits.

One more funny tidbit from this piece: apparently the bullies on the Denver defense have messed so badly with young quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, "I’m beginning to wonder if coach Vance Joseph should hire a playground monitor at training camp."

Source: Denver Post · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency