NFL News : Broncos' Mr. Irrelevant no longer in a cast

Broncos' Mr. Irrelevant no longer in a cast

The Broncos got the chance to claim “Mr. Irrelevant” for their own this year with the Last Pick in the Draft, and the man they chose to fill that title could be fully healed and ready for action come Spring Training.

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The annual Mr. Irrelevant award, started in 1976 by NFL alumnus Paul Salata, is the title given to the last player picked in each year's NFL Draft.

This year, that dubious honor went to quarterback Chad Kelly out of Ole Miss, who was picked last by the Denver Broncos.

But this year, the title is a bit of a misnomer. Broncos fans certainly don't seem to think Kelly is irrelevant:

At 22-years-old, 6'2, and 224 lbs, Kelly has seen his stock drop due to injuries over his collegiate career. First he tore his ACL and meniscus during his senior season, and then he suffered a wrist injury while training this April that required surgery to correct.

Kelly has been in a cast ever since, until recently:

When Kelly is healthy and playing well, he looks like he could be a future starting quarterback.

NFL analyst Michael Robinson had this to say of 2017's Mr. Irrelevant:

“If you look at this guy Chad Kelly — I know that he was Mr. Irrelevant, if he gets a chance and he has enough ‘something about him’ — enough of that Brett Favre kind of guy. But look at some of the biggest games in Ole Miss’ history. The two games in the last two years against Alabama. This guy threw for 762 yards, six touchdowns and zero interceptions. If he gets a chance, he will be their starter. But he has to get that chance.

And Jon Elway's thoughts on Mr. Irrelevant:

And if you want a little more on Kelly, take a look at this before taking his status as Mr. Irrelevant to seriously:

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Source: Nicki Jhabvala - Twitter · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS