NFL News : Broncos player has harsh words about Cowboys

Broncos player has harsh words about Cowboys

Do the Cowboys just suck?

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The Cowboys were dismantled last weekend against the Broncos. It was bad and the Cowboys should feel bad. 

Broncos safety Darian Stewart had this to say about the game when asked if the Cowboys just eventually quit in the game.

"Yes I do, man," Stewart said. "Just watching film, I wouldn't say all of them but we had some guys over there that put some stuff on film that you just shouldn't, so I would say so."

Stewart is a Pro Bowl safety who has been with the Broncos since 2015. 

"I think as a group our guys never quit and felt like they were in it and felt like they had a chance if they got another score, an onside kick and another score that they could get back in that thing," he said.

Damn. Harsh words

Source: Sports Day · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency