NFL News : Browns fans get in brawl in the stands on Thursday night

Browns fans get in brawl in the stands on Thursday night

So much for social distancing…

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Pandemic or not, Cleveland Browns fans are passionate and nothing can tame that fire. 

The Browns are one of the few teams in the NFL that will allow a limited number of fans to be in attendance during home games. 6000 folks were allowed in the building. But it turned ugly on Thursday night when the Browns took on the Cincinnati Bengals, despite their 35-30 victory. 

Despite the limited attendance and global pandemic, the Browns security staff was still call upon a fight that broke out in the stands and needed to urgently manage the brawl to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Check out how it went down: 

Fans in Cleveland made the promise not come to First Energy Stadium if they were sick, promised to keep masks on unless they were eating or drinking and stay socially distanced. But clearly someone broke that promise, but let’s hope no one will get sick. 

Because clearly social distancing went out the window during that fight! Come on, people! 

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