NFL News : CBS Sports chairman says Tony Romo has ‘exceeded our expectations’

CBS Sports chairman says Tony Romo has ‘exceeded our expectations’

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CBS Sports commentator Tony Romo has done such a good job in his new position that already the company's chairman is gushing about him.

“He has exceeded our expectations,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus told the Miami Herald. “This is a really hard job.”

The Herald wrote that McManus, who made the decision to vigorously pursue Romo to replace 19-year-lead analyst Phil Simms, met Romo at a function a couple days before Super Bowl 49 and was impressed how he broke down that New England-Seattle matchup in a casual conversation.

McManus walked away from that exchange telling fellow CBS executive David Berson that Romo would be a lead analyst some day. His faith has been rewarded.

“Tony is ahead of schedule,” McManus said this week. “I still think there is a lot of upside there. What I'm pleased with is the chemistry between Jim Nantz and Tony. It's easy going. It's listenable.

Here's what the Herald wrote about Romo:

"Romo has an engaging, energetic delivery, but there’s substance to complement the style. Though he has received deserved credit for predicting play calls - and even the exact second Jameis Winston would spike the ball to stop the clock late in the Patriots game - there’s far more to the quality of his work.

"He’s already the best in the game, along with Collinsworth, at diagnosing questionable time management decisions by coaches, as he did with Philadelphia’ Doug Pederson recently.

"He’s thoroughly on top of the rule book, an underrated aspect to being an elite analyst.

"He criticizes players when warranted and identifies questionable strategy quickly and accurately, including wondering last Thursday why Kansas City’s Marcus Peters was playing so far off Oakland receivers.

"He succinctly conveys where defenses are vulnerable and how teams should, and often do, attack them."

Who could of imagined that Romo's relevance to the sport would be this grand after retirement? He's an integral part of the NFL viewing experience now, and he's largely earned that honor.

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Source: Miami Herald · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency