NFL News : Chidobe Awuzie allowed 2 TDs by Crabtree. Here's what he had to say about it:

Chidobe Awuzie allowed 2 TDs by Crabtree. Here's what he had to say about it:

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Dallas Cowboys rookie cornerback Chidobe Awuzie said Tuesday there are lessons to be learned from how he defended Raiders receiver Michael Crabtree on Sunday night at Oakland.

Per the Dallas Morning News, Crabtree, the Dallas Carter and Texas Tech product, caught a pair of 2-yard touchdown passes against Awuzie in the second half of the Cowboys' win. The first Crabtree touchdown against Awuzie came in the third quarter and the second one was in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 17.

"The first [touchdown] I could have moved my feet a little better," Awuzie said. "I still got my hand in there. Crabtree is a great receiver, made a great play.

"The second one, he kind of got on my body a little bit. I let him get too close, and everybody knows that Crabtree in tight places likes to use his hands, use his arms. But it's all stuff that I can learn from. That's the best thing. It's not me getting out-athleticed or anything like that. I can look at film and say, 'That's not going to happen again.' I learned from that. That's the key."

Aside from the two touchdowns allowed, the Cowboys did a good job of limiting Crabtree on Sunday. He had seven catches for only 39 yards on 17 targets.

"He's a great receiver, but in tight spaces he's just really crafty," Awuzie told the Morning News. "He's not a push-off receiver. He's just real crafty. He knows how to use his hands. He does it within the laws of the game. Sometimes he gets called for it, sometimes he doesn't."

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency