NFL News : Chiefs draft picks' moves look entirely different!

Chiefs draft picks' moves look entirely different!

Hard Work Pays Off

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The Chiefs traded up in the draft to take the young quarterback out of Texas Tech with the hopes that he could take over for Alex Smith after a year or two of seasoning as the backup quarterback. Kansas City Chiefs first round pick Patrick Mahomes is hard at work to improve his moves. 

It looks like the quarterback whisperer Andy Reid is at it again as he's changed Mahomes mechanics for the better already. Mahomes once threw for 734 yards in a college game and the Chiefs have very high hopes for the kid quarterback. The Chiefs passing attack has been mediocre for years under Alex Smith, although it did peak to 10th in passing DVOA last season. Kansas City is hoping eventually Mahomes can take them over the top and this is a good start.

Mahomes has potential to be the next Brett Favre and with the weapons the Chiefs have around him, it should make for an explosive offense.

Source: SB Nation · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency