NFL News : Chip Kelly promised to bench WR for spinning balls after catches.

Chip Kelly promised to bench WR for spinning balls after catches.


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It appears Chip Kelly was wearing out his welcome for some time in Philadelphia.

Since his firing, many unflattering stories about the Eagles' former coach have begun making the rounds around the NFL.

The latest comes from Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, who explained on ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown" that Kelly had recently threatened to bench Jordan Matthews for spinning the ball in celebration after making a catch.

"He caught a nice pass in a game, and the only reason I'm using his name is because Chip is gone," Carter said. "He spun the ball ... a lot like other receivers do. Chip Kelly brought him to the side and told him, 'If you continue to do that, you won't play for me.'

"So Jordan was really upset. He called me - I've been talking to him because I've been mentoring for over a year - and said 'What do I do?'

"I said well there, you've got one king. So listen to the king. But the king ain't going to be there long. Ten days later, they fired him."

Kelly was fired by the Eagles on Tuesday night, officially bringing an end to his time with the team after nearly three seasons at the helm.

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