NFL News : Colin Kaepernick fires back to critics

Colin Kaepernick fires back to critics

Kaepernick answers back to former QB!

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He may not be a starting quarterback anymore, but San Fransisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick may never have been under the spotlight as much as he is right now.

Kaepernick has refused to stand during the national anthem since the start of pre-season, causing a huge controversy, with many people backing him and maybe even more hating him for it.

One of the critic he got on Monday night was from former NFL quarterback turned analyst Trent Dilfer, who suggested Kaepernick shouldn't keep on with the protest since he is now a back-up. Kaepernick didn't back down, calling the comments ridiculous.

Here is Kaepernick had to say according to the Mercury News:

"I just heard briefly about it. But I think that's one of the most ridiculous comments I've heard. The fact that you say, "You're a back-up quarterback, stay in your place"… that's an issue."

"To me, you're telling me that my position as a back-up quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. I would ask him to really have a conversation with the families of people that have been murdered and see if he still feels that way."

The Niners didn't seem too affected by the controversy, crushing the Los Angeles Rams 28-0 on Monday night.

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