NFL News : Colts QB Andrew Luck has notified the Colts he intends to retire.

Colts QB Andrew Luck has notified the Colts he intends to retire.

An absolute stunner.

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This has to be one of the most shocking announcements in recent memory, so shocking in fact that I had to do a double and even a triple take before I could really process what I had just seen.

According to a breaking news report from National Football League insider Adam Schefter of ESPN, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has made the decision to step away from the National Football League altogether. Schefter is reporting that Luck has informed the Colts organization that he intends to retire from the sport of football, presumably effective immediately, a move that will leave the Colts in a terrible situation moving forward.

The ESPN insider is reporting that Luck is mentally worn down and as a result has "checked out" of the situation he is currently in. To be perfectly honest with you this sounds a lot like work related burnout, but without having more access to Luck there is no way that anyone can truly know what is going on at this time. Of course we are now only days away from the start of the NFL regular season and this will leave the Colts scrambling for a solution as this was no doubt as big of a surprise to them as it is to the rest of us. 

It is hard to imagine that this will be a very popular decision for those who are members of the Colts fan base, however if the player is indeed suffering from mental fatigue it is probably not in his best interest to continue playing in a very physical, violent, and dangerous sport like football. If this is indeed the last we have seen of Luck we wish him all the best in his recovery as well as in his future endeavors moving forward.

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