NFL News : Cowboys announce new high quality training facility!

Cowboys announce new high quality training facility!

It's HUGE and looks honestly amazing!

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A football team is far bigger than simply lining up dudes on the field and hope they win. Modern teams are huge businesses with immense revenues and expenses. As any savvy investor will tell you, diversification of income sources is the best way to stay in business for a long while. 

That's exactly what Jerry Jones and his team did today by opening a new gym called Cowboys fit. The concept is pretty simple, a big gym with quality equipments and coaches. However, it goes a bit further by providing a real 40 years turf and cryogenic therapy. 

Located at The Star in Frisco, it's meant to attract a lot of athletes but average Joes looking to get back in shape too. It's safe to say it will probably be a huge success, as Jerry Jones and his team are renowned to make good business moves. In all honesty, looking at the video makes you want to pump some iron! 

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