NFL News : Cowboys breakout star phone is blowing up

Cowboys breakout star phone is blowing up

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Rod Smith's huge 80 yard touchdown against the Giants has him fielding texts from a lot of "friends". He explains the touchdown here. 

"The play never really goes to me," said Smith, the team's backup running back. "I'm just clearing it out for Dez. But I got him to jump hard outside. I looked over my shoulder, and in my head I was just like I hope he throws it to me. Me and Dak were on the same page. He hit me and I just took it to the house."

Smith's career day of 160 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns led to many congratulatory text messages from friends and former teammates he hasn't heard from in a while.

"For me, it's one of those feelings like finally," Smith said. "Finally, I got a chance to actually go out there and do it in a real live game. Honestly, I was just out there playing me, playing in the system, trying to help this team win. I feel like I've handled myself pretty well."

That's cool.


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Source: Sports Day · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency