NFL News : Cowboys coach gets very testy with media

Cowboys coach gets very testy with media

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"I think what we're seeing here is there are different rules for different people," NFL Network reporter Jane Slater said today on "Inside Training Camp."

That's seemingly what transpired Monday and Tuesday as the Dallas Cowboys cut former wide receiver Lucky Whitehead after he was accused of failing to appear in court for a convenience store theft charge. Once they cut him, it turned out that he wasn't the man who did that at all - and that he wasn't even in the state where the crime happened.

Tuesday afternoon Cowboys coach Jason Garrett addressed the media, in which nearly every single question revolved around Whitehead's release. 

Each time, Garrett responded with a variation of this statement: Yesterday we made a decision that we deemed to be in the best interests of the Dallas Cowboys. We're standing by that decision and we're going to move on."

The Cowboys' decision to hold steady on its decision shouldn't come as surprising. Amid widespread criticism over how they handled the Whitehead situation, "America's Team" isn't about to admit they were wrong. 

"We are moving on despite the fact that Lucky Whitehead told Jason Garrett to his face that he didn't do it," a Cowboys personnel told NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. 

Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency