NFL News : Cowboys' head coach behind changes of celebration rules!

Cowboys' head coach behind changes of celebration rules!

We can thank him for the regulation change!

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Dallas Cowboys' head coach Jason Garrett has definitely got his players' back when it comes to celebrating touchdowns. According to ESPN's Todd Archer, Garrett and Baltimore Ravens' John Harbaugh both played a major role in the league's decision to change its celebration rules for next season.

Here is what Garrett told the journalist, earlier today:

“It just seemed like sometimes we had some rules in place that we didn’t really understand why those rules existed. There seemed to be some inconsistency to it. So we had a long discussion as a group and just tried to come up with some common sense parameters for how to instill some of the fun back into the game after somebody scores a touchdown without distracting from the team concept.

He also mentioned that while he does not want "celebrations to devolve into violent and or lewd displays," he recognizes both the fans and the players appreciate this part of the game.

Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Keystone Press