NFL News : Cowboys' Jerry Jones unexpectedly calls in radio station to defend coach Garrett
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Cowboys' Jerry Jones unexpectedly calls in radio station to defend coach Garrett

The rumours of a coaching change are growing louder in Dallas...

Published on by Christine Gosselin in NFL News
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The Dallas Cowboys haven’t announced their coaching staff changes yet and some fans are beginning to wonder if it means the end for head coach Jason Garrett. Jon Kitna was hired more than a week ago presumably as the quarterbacks coach, and Kellen Moore is expected to get a promotion to offensive coordinator, but no official announcements were made which makes fans believe Garrett's future is in jeopardy. 

Garrett, who has one year left on his current contract, is 77-59 in the regular season and 2-3 in the postseason in his eight seasons as the team’s head coach. The Cowboys have made the postseason three times under Garrett's lead. 

However, while there hasn't been any talks on an extension for Garrett, he did get a vote of confidence from owner Jerry Jones, who was driving in his car and unexpectedly called into 105.3 The Fan to defend his coach after the panel started to talk about the possibility of Garrett being replaced. 

“The reason that it’s not being talked about is not that Jason is on shaky ground,” Jones told the radio station of the Cowboys’ coaching changes. “. . .It’s just we’re putting together ideas and didn’t want to necessarily make that a featured topic around the Super Bowl. Everything is as it should be.”
“We’ve got a coach that basically now has a lot of experience,” Jones said. “We want to benefit from it. He is a great safety net for everything that we’re going to do with a young staff like we’ve got. I think we’re in an ideal position.”
“Jason’s going to be making an announcement here real quickly, but make no mistake about it, he’s going to be a key guy in what play is run on that football field,” Jones said. “By key, probably have the ultimate responsibility.”

That should put an end to all the speculations... for now. 

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Source: 105.3 The Fan
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