NFL News : Cowboys' loss to Packers has scarred Dak Prescott for life.

Cowboys' loss to Packers has scarred Dak Prescott for life.


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The day may never come when Dak Prescott gets past the Cowboys' latest loss.

Although he earned Pro Bowl honors in his rookie season, the quarterback is still distraught about his team's defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round.

"It's behind me, but I can't say I'm over that loss," Prescott said after the NFC practice Wednesday, according to James Walker of ESPN. "I'll never be over that loss. I'll never be over any loss. It's definitely fuel to the fire and ready to get back to work."

The Cowboys had a historic season, finishing 13-3 and looked poised for a postseason run with home-field advantage secured. Unfortunately Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers managed to pull off a last minute victory, sending Prescott and the Cowboys packing.

When asked if he believed the Cowboys were the league's best team this season, Prescott said, "There's other great teams out there. So it's hard for me to say with me not playing in the last game."

While the Pro Bowl selection is a distraction for Prescott, he still wishes he could be participating in the Super Bowl.

"As much as this is a great experience, obviously I would have wanted to play next week (in the Super Bowl)," Prescott said. "But not having to do that, this is the next best thing."

Source: ESPN · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press