NFL News : Cowboys now have a ton of negotiating power with Dak Prescott.

Cowboys now have a ton of negotiating power with Dak Prescott.

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The Dallas Cowboys made a pretty big move to close out the week last week when they announced the signing of former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. The Cowboys secured themselves a very talented backup option and on top of that they did it while signing Dalton to just a one year deal at a very reasonable number. There was little debate regarding whether or not this was a good move for the Cowboys from a football perspective, but as it turns out it may be an even better move from a business perspective. 

The Cowboys used their franchise tag on star quarterback Dak Prescott, a tender that has a total value of over $31 million, but at the time of the Dalton signing and at the time of this writing Prescott had yet to sign the franchise tender. Prescott of course is looking for a better deal, no doubt one with more long term security than what he would currently get with the franchise tag, but the Cowboys may now have all the power in this negotiation. 

Although there's no question that the Cowboys want Prescott to be their starter this season they now have a quarterback in Andy Dalton that is perfectly capable of running an NFL offense. If Prescott allows his franchise to hang in limbo for several more weeks the Cowboys could simply rescind that offer once the rest of the teams around the league have established the bulk of their rosters for the upcoming season. It's not that other teams would not be interested in Prescott, it's just that it would be difficult to envision a scenario in which a team with a complete roster could offer Prescott more than what he would be getting from the Cowboys with the aforementioned franchise tag.

Of course the possibility of Dak ending up anywhere other than Dallas is extremely unlikely, and that may even be putting it too mildly, however this now provides the Cowboys with a major negotiating tool that prior to singing Dalton late last week they simply did not have. Prescott controls whether or not he will sign, but he may now be feeling a little more pressure than he was just a few days ago.

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