NFL News : Cowboys rookie faces unique and wonderful challenge.

Cowboys rookie faces unique and wonderful challenge.

Cowboys rookie has a high bar to reach.

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There is a ton of pressure that comes with being a rookie player in the National Football League, even at the best of times, but there are some rookies who face a level of pressure that others simply do not. 

One such rookie is almost assuredly Larry Allen Jr., a player who will face a kind of pressure and scrutiny that is normally reserved for players selected in the first few picks of any given year's draft. Allen Jr. was of course not selected in the draft at all and instead was signed as a free agent out of Harvard University, which might have you wondering why in the world this guy would be one of those players facing so much scrutiny. Well you see although Allen Jr.'s football skills have not put him on the map, his name certainly has. 

Allen Jr. has been working out with the other Dallas Cowboys at The Star, the organizations practice facility, but he will be the only rookie player this year that will see his name plastered everywhere when he look around the practice facility. Except the name is not really his. No instead it belongs to Allen Jr.'s legendary father, former Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Larry Allen Sr. that's right, Allen is the son of the most famous offensive lineman in the franchises history and the reality is that those will be gigantic shoes that Allen Jr. may simply never get the chance to truly fill. 

Allen certainly has the IQ needed to master the game, he will graduate from Harvard later this month, but whether or not he can live up to the skills that his father would go on to display on the grid iron will remain to be seen. Playing for arguably the biggest team in all of football would be rough for any rookie in the National Football League, but having to do so while following in the footsteps of a literal legend will only serve to amplify that pressure. 

“Sometimes I’m just focused on trying to prepare and everything,” he said as per the Cowboys official website, “and then the next moment I’ll turn the corner and see something and it kind of feels dream-like again. It’s very surreal.”

I look forward to seeing Allen in a Cowboys uniform and I wish him all the best in his attempts to follow in his father's footsteps. 

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