NFL News : Cowboys Taco Charlton hates losing, even to Pro Bowl teammate

Cowboys Taco Charlton hates losing, even to Pro Bowl teammate

The Cowboys 2017 first-round pick is up against his stiffest competition ever, but that doesn't make losing any easier for him.

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Taco Charlton doesn't like losing, no matter what. 

That could make things a little frustrating at the Cowboy's mini-camp for the 22-year-old 2017 first round draft pick.

What kind of man could make life on the field miserable for the 6'6, 277-lb star out of the University of Michigan?

A man like Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith, that's who.

Charlton has been going up against Smith regularly, and losing to the 26-year-old four-time Pro Bowler almost as regularly. Charlton certainly has the right attitude about the situation however.

"He's a Pro Bowler for a reason, one of the best left tackles for a reason," Charlton said. "We get after it, he's making me improve and study my game. I'm watching a lot of tape to see what I can do better, different things to beat him consistently. I'm still a competitive guy so no matter who I'm losing to, I hate losing, period. Even if I'm losing to him, I'm still not liking it. I take my wins when I can get them. I just keep trying to improve and get better."

And that's probably exactly what defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli hoped for, and expected, from Dallas' number one pick.

"It's been a lot of work put in," Charlton said of the Cowboys preseason activities so far.
"[I've] Definitely just matured, getting out here practicing with the guys, bonding with them, learning the defense, getting coached by coach Marinelli, just learning the game more and becoming more of a student. It's been a learning process. He gets after us, he's going to work us. He makes practice the hardest thing possible, which is a good thing."

Charlton also said he's been taking any instruction from defensive line coach and former Cowboy Leon Lett to heart:

"Big Cat, he's a great player," Charlton said of Lett. "My dad actually told me about him because obviously he watched him more than I did when I was a kid. He's a great player, long leverage, kind of like me, big, tall guy. He knows how to use his length, so he can teach me first hand."

With some of the best players and coaches in the league pushing him to improve, everything seems to be going well to start off Charlton's NFL career. 

Now all he needs is that killer Taco sponsorship.


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Source: Kate Hairopoulos - SportsDay · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS