NFL News : Dak Prescott: Eagles game is a 'must-win'

Dak Prescott: Eagles game is a 'must-win'

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was asked if Sunday night's matchup with the division-leading Philadelphia Eagles is a "must-win" game. 

"I do," he responded. "I look at every game as a must-win. This one holds a lot of importance in it."

There no understating it: this 5-4 Cowboys team needs to slay the green dragon if it wants to finish out the final seven games of the season strong.

"When looking at how the NFC shakes up, there’s several teams in prime position to make the playoffs ahead of the Cowboys and most of them hold the all-important tiebreaker.  Because of that, the Cowboys can’t afford to give up on the division and must battle the Eagles to the very end," wrote USA Today's CowboysWire.

"The Cowboys have lost all the wrong games in 2017; losses to the Rams, Packers and especially the Falcons really hurts them right now," wrote the website. "With the Saints recent success and the Panthers back on the upswing, the loss to the Falcons really hurts when it comes to tiebreakers.  The Cowboys won’t have a chance to play any other teams in the NFC South, so if it comes down to the last week, the Falcons will be in for the Wild Card if they have the same record as the Cowboys."

"The good thing is the Eagles are only three games up on the Cowboys with two of them still to be played against the Cowboys.  It may look bad now but the Eagles aren’t actually that far ahead of the Cowboys and they still face games against the Seahawks, Raiders and Rams.  If the Cowboys can handle their business at home, there is certainly a good chance that at least one of those aforementioned teams hands the Eagles another loss, thus potentially creating a showdown in Week 17 for the NFC East."

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Source: USA Today · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency