NFL News : Dak Prescott on Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances: “We would be crazy...”

Dak Prescott on Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances: “We would be crazy...”

A week after teammate Dez Bryant said call them the best team he's played for, Dak Prescott weighs in on the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances.

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We’re a long ways from the next Super Bowl, but it’s prime time for some offseason predictions regarding the upcoming NFL season. Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott has already evaluated his team’s chances at winning the big show.

"We would be crazy if we said we didn't think we could get there.” Prescott said to the media, brimming with confidence.

Confidence that could be well deserved.  It was only last week that Dez Bryant said that this years’ Cowboys were the best team he’d played for.

"I hope everyone in the league has the same goal of playing in the last game and winning it, so that's the obvious factor," Prescott said, admitting the Cowboys have a long road ahead. “Right now, it's about working. It's about putting that in the back of our mind and just getting better."

Easier said than done.

If the Cowboys want to put up their first consecutive seasons with 10 or more wins in ten years, the team needs to continue to improve through this transitional season. They performed well without Tony Romo last year, but this will be the first officially Romo-less season in Dallas.

The pressure is on Prescott, from the fans, the media, and from himself. We’re all expecting big things, but Prescott and the rest of the Cowboys have a long way to go to prove they deserve all their offseason hype.

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Source: Jon Machota - SportsDay · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS