NFL News : Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz - Year 1

Dak Prescott vs. Carson Wentz - Year 1

Who you got?

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Dak or Carson?

According to Pro Football Focus it's not even close after 1 year. You could argue that the Cowboys have better players around their quarterback, in fact that's probably true, but there is a pretty big difference when you compare their PFF grades:

One year does not a career make of course. Peyton Manning was pretty bad in his first year in the NFL and then he became the greatest quarterback of all time. A lot of people on the inside are singing the praises of Wentz going into year 2 even though his rookie season wasn't great. The Eagles are trying to surround him with talent by upgrading their receiving corps, which was probably their worst unit last season. I think there is a lot of upside.

Dak and the Cowboys ceiling is probably the Super Bowl, but they gotta hope that there is not a lot of regression from the QB. With that said, there is so much talent around Prescott that even if he doesn't quite soar to the heights of his rookie season, the 'boys could still be a great team.

Source: Pro Football Focus Twitter · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency