NFL News : Dak speaks on not having Zeke by his side

Dak speaks on not having Zeke by his side

Is he panicking?

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Without the power and speed of the NFL's leading rusher, Zeke Elliott, what exactly will change in the Cowboys offense for the first 6 games

Dak Prescott talked about the running backs who will have to step up,

"We have great running backs," Prescott said. "Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris. Those guys have had a lot of success in this league for a long time. It's just an opportunity for them to come in and get more reps in that time off."

"I'll leave [calling for him to run] up to the coaches," Prescott said. "I mean, it's not necessarily in my hands to create more game plans for me running, but if I had to guess, I would say I wouldn't think so just in the fact I said we have the running backs who have done it in this league for a long time, so it's not a panic here."

Jason Garrett had this to say,

"It's certainly a challenge for the defense. We know that from the defensive side of the ball when we face quarterbacks who are able to do that," [Jason] Garrett said. "It just adds another guy. It's another guy you have to defend. Oftentimes you can look at defensive football versus offensive football as 11 versus 10. You have an extra guy on defense. You add that element of the quarterback running, now we balance it all back up. Whether it's being responsible for Dak or contain or just that guy, it can be a challenge. It was effective for us when we used it last year. It's effective for teams all around the league."

"He's going to run anyway because of his game, his mobility, but I think you're going to lean on the side of picking your times when you do it," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said of Prescott. "I think if you do it a lot it certainly can be a little bit of a distraction to what you're trying to do. That's why you have runners. But when a quarterback has that element, it's an advantage. So I think the key to quarterbacks running is they know what kind of a run we're trying to get. If they can’t get 3 yards and we want 4 yards, 3 yards is OK, too. Don't take hits. That's my approach anyway."

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Source: Blogging the Boys · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency