NFL News : ​Darren McFadden​ ready to step up for the Cowboys again

​Darren McFadden​ ready to step up for the Cowboys again

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You keep veteran guys like Darren McFadden on a team precisely for times like this. With the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott, McFadden could be the go-to running back option in Dallas.

It's a situation McFadden has been in before.

In 2015 projected starting running back Joseph Randle was waived by the Cowboys after multiple arrests. McFadden would be his replacement and would finish the season with 1,089 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns in his first season in Dallas.

Despite the opportunity to start again, McFadden offered support for Elliott, saying in an interview with The Dallas Morning News:

"It's a tough situation he is dealing with, but he's taken it in stride right now. He is only going to get better from it.
"We didn't expect anything to happen. For us, it's very shocking. To hear six games, it was definitely a surprise to us. We are going to rally around him and keep going forward."

While Elliott is appealing his six-game suspension, likely McFadden will have at least a few games to start before the young running back is allowed to play again. The veteran of nine seasons in the NFL is ready to shoulder the workload in the meantime.

"I feel great, I'm definitely going to be able to handle the load.I feel like I definitely can get back to that [2015] status."

McFadden looked good in Dallas' preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams, which is a promising sign. He appears ready to start at least six games this season, and if he can recapture his form from 2015 that is all the better for the Cowboys.

Source: Patrik Walker - CBS Sports · Photo Credit: KEYSTONE PRESS