NFL News : Dejected Everson Walls 'undeterred' after Hall of Fame snub

Dejected Everson Walls 'undeterred' after Hall of Fame snub

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Everson Walls, in his first try at the Hall of Fame, was denied entry. 

“It was a little depressing,’’ Walls told the Dallas Morning News. “I thought, man, this bus is fogging up with despair.’’

Per the Morning News, the weeks and months leading up to Saturday evening’s announcement were a chance for the former Cowboys cornerback to reflect on his career and share his accomplishments with a new generation. It provided the opportunity to connect with old friends and teammates who lobbied his case.

It was a validation of his 13-year NFL career, the first nine spent with a Cowboys organization he found himself at odds with more than he cares to remember.

“No doubt about it,’’ Walls said. “My notoriety has skyrocketed.

“But the love and support I got during this process, that’s not going anywhere.’’

It took Walls 20 years to make his way into the room to be discussed by voters. The committee met for eight hours and 18 minutes on Saturday at a hotel in nearby Bloomington.

He failed to advance past the first cut when voters reduced their list from 15 to 10 candidates. Walls exclusion leaves 15 men associated with the Cowboys franchise in Canton.

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Source: Dallas News · Photo Credit: Keystone Press Agency