NFL News : Dez Bryant appears to be making overtures to a team through social media.
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Dez Bryant appears to be making overtures to a team through social media.

Bryant getting desperate.

Published on by Jonathan Larivee in NFL News
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Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant appears to be getting rather desperate. 

The once dynamic wide out has still not signed on with a National Football League franchise in spite of the fact that it is undeniable that he has made the attempt. Bryant recently took a trip to Cleveland, Ohio in an effort to secure a contract with the Cleveland Browns but although Bryant did tryout with the team he left that tryout without a new contract in hand. It's a damning indication of just how much Bryant's skills have diminished as just a few seasons ago most teams would have jumped at the chance to land a player like him.

Now however it's starting to look more and more like organizations around the National Football League see the same thing that the Dallas Cowboys did when they decided to cut the often trouble wide out. It seems like Bryant may be acutely aware of this fact as well as he now seems to be grasping at straws in an attempt to endear himself to an NFL team know for doing well with reclamation projects.

Bryant took to Instagram this week and began making rather glowing comments about the New England Patriots organization and more specifically the two most prominent figures within that  team, head coach Bill Belichick and superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

"BB STRATEGY is 1 n a million," wrote Bryant to an Instagram post prominently featuring the Patriot's head coach.

It seems that the comment may have gotten the attention of some New England Patriots fans because Bryant quickly found himself having to defend his original statement. That defense however seemed to come in the form of yet another attempt from Bryant to kiss up to the Patriots.

"Tom Brady has always been my favorite player.. real fact," he wrote in respond to a comment from a user on Instagram.

Now it may purely be my own cynical nature reading too much into this but this feels an awful lot like a last ditch attempt from a desperate player. All the NFL teams are now rather late into their preseasons and it seems extremely unlikely that a player like Bryant, a player who struggled to run the routes of the team he played on for several years, could catch up in time to be ready for the regular season. Bryant has to be aware of this himself and that is why I believe we are seeing this behavior.

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press