NFL News : Dez Bryant narrowly avoids potentially season-ending injury.

Dez Bryant narrowly avoids potentially season-ending injury.


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Any time you see a player's joints and limbs bend unnaturally in the NFL, there is a good chance that it results in a serious injury.

Dallas Cowboys' star wide receiver Dez Bryant gave fans a scare in the first quarter of Sunday's game between the Cowboys and Chicago Bears. Bryant was believed to have suffered an injury after being tackled by Bears' linebacker Christian Jones, and the the injury appeared at first glance to be a bad one.

Bryant gets tackled around the neck area and is pulled down by Jones, but not before his right leg bends at an awkward angle while going to the ground.

Bryant walked to the locker room under his own power after a brief examination by trainers, but luckily he returned to the sidelines shortly thereafter on the same drive.

Dez may have dodged a bullet on this one because it did not look good at all.

Here is the injury:

Source: Twitter · Photo Credit: Images Courtesy of Keystone Press