NFL News : Dez Bryant rips the Cowboys organization after comments from Stephen Jones.
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Dez Bryant rips the Cowboys organization after comments from Stephen Jones.

Bryant goes off.

Published on by Jonathan Larivee in NFL News
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Former Dallas Cowboys superstar Dez Bryant has just popped off on his former team after taking offense to comments made by Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President and CEO Stephen Jones during a radio interview on Siruis XM NFL radio. Although the comments did indeed seen somewhat inflammatory on the part of Jones, the fact that initial reports incorrectly reported the full quote made things much worse. 

Initially the Twitter account for the station had reported Jones' quote in a manner that made it appear as if he had singled out Bryant as a significant problem for quarterback Dak Prescott and by extension for the Cowboys as well. Here is how the quote was initially reported:

"Dak is working on his game and accuracy. He has to trust the system. I think that was tough last year with @DezBryant in his ear."

You can see how that would rub Bryant the wrong way and he responded on social media with an absolutely tirade against the Dallas Cowboys. 

"He’s [Stephen Jones] not clueless.. Jerry was the only one who was clueless.. shit was a planned to get me out ask Travis and my brother snake Lee I mean Sean Lee," wrote Bryant on Friday.

Bryant's reference to Sean Lee and Travis Frederick was no accident either, he would go on to continue his tirade by calling them out further.

"Yea he suppose to been my brother .. we laughed talk about goals and stuff he sat right across from me in the locker room..never thought we had a problem.. I got cut.. he was the first to know.. I find out he was also behind it Damn!!"

All of this however likely could have been avoided if the correct quote had been reported by the station, something that they would later correct by releasing the correction as well as the audio to accompany it.

"He's gotta trust the system, which at times last year, there was pressure.. with Dez in his ear and to some degree Jason in his ear. Those great players want the ball," said Stephen Jones.

Bryant for his part seemed more hurt than angry about the comments and went out of his way to express his surprise at the fact that the team would seemingly go out of it's way to throw him under the bus after their relationship seemed to be over.

"Exactly I don’t why they are concerned about me.. I’m a cowboy fan... my time was up and we should just leave it at that," wrote Bryant.

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Photo Credit: Keystone Press