NFL News : Eagles appear to be sending a harsh message to one of their players.

Eagles appear to be sending a harsh message to one of their players.

This looks like a clear message from the Eagles.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have a new head coach and he may be looking to set an example with his treatment of one veteran player.

It appears that coach Doug Pederson will make the surprising decision to play Mychal Kendricks in the Eagles fourth preseason game, this despite the fact that Kendricks is presumably a starting linebacker for the Eagles heading into the regular season. While Pederson tried to downplay the fact that he was trying to send a message to Kendricks and perhaps other players on the Eagles roster with this move, not everyone is buying it.

Here's a particularly interesting take on the move from's Mike Sielski.

It's difficult not to see this decision as an indication that this new coaching staff is trying to . . . shall we say . . . encourage Kendricks to play through nagging, soft-tissue injuries that he might not have played through in the past.

Remember: He has never appeared in all 16 regular-season games since the Eagles made him a second-round draft pick in 2012. He missed four games in 2014 with a calf injury. If the Eagles, particularly defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, regarded Kendricks as so essential to their defense that the unit would be damaged significantly by his absence, why risk sending him out there Thursday?
It's not hard to see why a man like Pederson would want to send a strong message right away, especially after the absolute fiasco that took place under the leadership of head coach Chip Kelly, and it's hard not to believe that's exactly what this is despite his comments.
Do you think Pederson is sending a message? Do you agree with his move?
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